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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  05/OUT/2007 8:10 PM
Assunto:  Tradução de palavras

 lavoura de subsistência = subsistence farming

- colher frutas frescas no pé = to pick fruit

-comiida caseira = homemade food, home cooking

- pista de pouso e decolagem = landing strip (perhaps in the country), runway (perhaps at an airport)

- carros-pipa = tanker (truck or ship), tank cars (train)

- criação de porcos e galinhas = pig and chicken farming

- emprego fixo = fixed employemt, a steady job, etc.

- subempregos = underemployment

- esgoto a céu aberto = open sewer

- barracos na favela = slum shacks 

- mercado saturado = saturated market

- quentinha, marmita = No good term for this.   Closest may be "meal in an insulated container"

- camelô = Not a good term.  "Steet peddler" implies that he sells out of a suitcase, box, etc.  A more or less acceptable term could be "street seller".

- prato feito, prato do dia = special of the day, today's special, executive lunch

- lavar roupa pra fora = to have the laundry done by someone else


A landing strip is very simple, something probably without a control tower.  A runway is probably part of an airport with some sophistication.


The closest thing to a camelô I've seen in the USA were "stands/booths."  There are found only in special areas such as flea markets, farmers' markets, street fairs, etc.  Note that the term describes WHERE things are sold and not WHO sells them.


I'm not 100% comfortable with "subempregos".


I don't recall ever seeing "marmitas" in the USA.    You will see people take food to work in an insulated container, a styrofoam container, etc.  Workers and young students often use a metal box plus a thermos.  This is called a lunch box, dinner pail, etc. 

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