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Autor:  lanadrife
E-mail:  lanadrife@uol.com.br
Data:  01/NOV/2007 6:45 PM
Assunto:  pessoa fresca

Prezada Adriana,


Para pessoas "frescas", no que se refere a pessoas cheias de manias, utiliza-se o termo fussy.


Veja os exemplos abaixo:


1)  Longman - Dicionário Escolar:



      isso é frescura sua/dele etc. you’re/he’s etc. just being fussy

      deixar de frescura to stop being fussy

      ser cheio de frescura to be fussy

© Copyright Pearson Education Ltd 2004



2. Fussy People:




This is the dilemma: what to eat Friday night. Kylie (not this one) doesn’t eat beef. Richard Berry doesn’t like cheese, salami and loads of other stuff. And Christina doesn’t eat pig or chicken. As I’m not making cock jokes today, suggestions please.


3. From the Free Dictionary:


fuss·i·er, fuss·i·est
1. Easily upset; given to bouts of ill temper: a fussy baby.
2. Paying great or excessive attention to personal tastes and appearance; fastidious: He was always fussy about clothes.
3. Calling for or requiring great attention to sometimes trivial details: a fussy actuarial problem.
4. Full of superfluous details: "It can indeed be fussy, filling with ornament what should be empty space" H.D.F. Kitto.

I hope it helps...








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