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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  12/DEZ/2007 12:39 AM
Assunto:  Soro Caseiro...solution of Oral Rehydration Salts(

  As the matter is of vital importance in the so called third world countries, I will give my two-cents colaboration.

  I Googled "soro caseiro" and asked the hits "in English".



  I found an exquisite text by Alexia Lewnes "Oral Rehydration Therapy - Elixir of life    (Unicef paper).


There it goes:


  A solution of oral rehydration salts (ORS) is the best way to rehydrate a child suffering from diarrhoea, because the formulation allows rapid absorption of fluids and eletrolytes by the intestines.

  Alternative fluids can also be given, including food-based fluids as soup, yogurth drinks, coconut water, watery rice porridge, maize, millet or roots.

  Even plain water is useful, provided food is given.

  Food enables the body to absorb the necessary fluid for rehydration. It prevents malnutrition, a contributing cause to high number of deaths associated with diarrhoea and helps already malnourished children recover quickly.

  - - - ---  - - - - - - -- -


 It can be also be named "Sugar and salt solution for rehydration".



    My experience:

    When my boy was 3 years old, by the time of appearing of first teeth; he had a severe diarrhoea and went to hospital several times.  As he was expected have these symptoms because of the teeth, we were misled by the doctor. He said to give him guava´s bud tea.    In fact the kid almost died, due to the loss of fluids (liquids).

    Another physician sent him to hospital internment, new subscription a medicine named "pedialyte" that is equivalent to the also quoted "soro".

    Indeed, the "soro" that we say, is not the "serum" or nothing of the kind, it is the fluid (salty-sweet but more sweet in the given proper ratio).

    The Catholic organizations that work with health and some NGOs in the same line save millions of lives by administering such home made "medicine".

    But seeing a doctor or a trained para-medic/nurse is needed.

    Ah, while I was trying to get the money for buying the "Pedialyte" the real medicine, I used the "soro caseiro" having succes.

    Today, the boy is 17 y.o.




  I hope this helps.

  See ya.


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