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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/DEZ/2007 1:22 AM
Assunto:  Marcio does...

  Yes, thanks for correcting and complementing my posts.

  Sometimes in hurring up things, mostly in English (but, not only...) I put the cart before the horses, this here can´t and shouldn´t be pass unchecked. So thanks for your peer reviews.

   As for the "emphasizing" stuff continues all the same.

   I am a lower basic learner, and I have a long way to go and like they say "love and a cough cannot be hidden", which now I would adapt to "blunder and cough cannot be hidden" hence this caught the eye of Julie.

   This week events like this aren´t a novelty for me, I stopped in a park lot for a snack and by coming back I had left a tool kit in another truck the same color the one I traveled. Then, we had to follow the guy for some miles (km) for getting it back.

    The past week I left a bunch of keys in Macau, a city of interior of this state; so I called to a friend of mine that is sending by post. I was lucky for I had a double (reserve), so while the mailed key don´t come I don´t get myself in a true mess!

    This is only a sample, if I give an account of my entire succession of my "mix ups" you won´t believe it!


    See you again.

    Best wishes.    

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