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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  13/DEZ/2007 11:30 AM
Assunto:  Marcio does...

  Thanks Marcio and Julia.

  Marcio, it´s that I have to remember thousands of things in a day, make instant decisions all the time.  To tell the truth my job description would be very terse if it would stick to itself, I mean, if I would do only what was expected; period.

  In fact, is not so. The unexpected is the rule, improvisations etc are the job in itself.

  While I am getting to the office I don´t know what I am going to do, and where. It´s a crazy thing.

   For instance, a week or two ago; I had the money in my account to go the interior, this months in advance, so I expected to travel at any time...the day came and we traveled and did the assigned task. My wife and family don´t count on me in some house chores and tasks, ´cause they know that my life is like that.

   Still, there are some surprises; one day, two years ago I came home and said that we would came to this city (Natal) and my wife okayed, it was kinda remote hope for her. The next day I came home with the travel tickets, her jaw dropped "But, but...I don´t expected so fast", ha ha ha. I traveled, and she came three months later, you know, kid´s school life, moving schedule and all that jazz.  As for me, not so, I have to be read, always read, no time to troubles, they can´t stop me.

    In fact, the tool kit that I almost lost had a twin, the same tool and at all, because I work with a second guy, we work in pairs, and when the pair is temporarily undone, then another folk join it, as I said no time to trouble; efficiency is the name of the game.

   As for the bunch of keys, I have copies of them but some keys in it I had not; this will not happen again, because soon I am going complete the bunch, a friend of the interior already sent them by mail to an aunt of mine in another neighbourhood, for I soon noticed that mail don´t come here in the neighboorhood I live, don´t ask me why. Don´t matter, I don´t bother know why, if mail posted somewhere else gets to my aunt home, so be it; my correspondence is directed to her, who calls me and I or my wife go take it.

    It is the bad aspect of living in a city that don´t catch up with your (crazy)  way of life.



Best wishes.


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