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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/DEZ/2007 7:47 PM
Assunto:  Laid back

   Congrat Hitchcockvertigo, I have been noticing that you´re participating more and more and sharing your views and knowledge. In the process, helping others out.

   If something, I would say that with time, the more you do so the more you enrich your own vocabulary and culture in a number of ways and senses.

   Still, this appraising don´t come as a trophy for good behavior, not at all; but 'cause you are really speaking you out and making a difference.

   Speaking of appraising, thank you all, the Dales of life, Marcios, Pats and the whole gang (I am not recalling all people that posted in this year, but I am glad that you came).

   And striking while the iron is hot, to all buddies; thanks for coming and I wish a nice weekend and a wonderful Xmas.

   Take care.

   See you again.


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