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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/DEZ/2007 12:53 AM
Assunto:  Laid back

Neither do I, folk.

  So, I am glad people here stretch their patience to its limit by accepting some of my typos and absurdities, and for pointing them when necessary.

  Thanks God, for having found this site, I acknowledge that I learnt a lot; and I continue learning all the time.
  I just entered here once for a little "whatchacallit" thing, and I can´t help reading any longer.      Now I am bit more active, participant; trying to give some "insights" in a Brazilian side; because I had not seen much of our countrymen in any Board before.        For me, it come almost as a shock, how come? I know that thousands of good students,teachers and courses are available all over the country (there are post-graduation courses in the Uni. in Rio and other places as well).

  Thus, as they (most of 'em) don´t come, we are here for communication´s sake and for lacking of better alternatives, I mean; real teachers. 

  What I can share, teach, inform I do.

   All the same with several other guys and gals that don´t show up now,  out of shyness, modesty or both.           Of course, it´s a certainty that my views are pure mine, so they might be scrutinized before being accepted by your face value, like every thing in life.


   See you all.


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