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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/DEZ/2007 1:05 AM
Assunto:  PPAULO never been abroad...

I can't remember if PPAULO or Mário Farias who told me a long time ago that never lived in a foreign country...but is impressive their english level.


When I grow up I want to be like you guys!



    It was me Andre, I don´t know about Marcio, but he has the looks of a "high-mileage" traveler, lol.

    In fact I had my first contact with English in the "5ª série" in public school, it was love at first sight I can say.

    All that fell in my  hands I read, and bought tons of dog-eared and yellowed second-hand books, sometimes missing pages; I was really a dirty poor man in a number of senses, today I am better off. At least I have this PC and every once in a while I can afford a brand new novel, mag. or dictionary.

   To say the truth, the farther place I got was Itajai and Curitiba.

   In Brazil I lived in Rio de Janeiro for a time, before I never ever been to another state than neighbouring Ceara (Fortaleza) PE (Recife).

   Untill then, I never have set foot in a English school, so I decided enroll myself in a conversation English course in Niteroi, it turned out a "Crash course" and sadly many of my classmates dropped out, they weren´t used to the pace, the rhytm. It was not their fault, the course was really demanding, but I soon adjusted myself, because I had studied in a University and in prep course (for the entrance exam in the Uni).

   So, to me it was not a novelty; I am a very adaptable man.

   My first teacher was a post-graduation one, and his liking wasn´t that we talked in Portuguese, but he had to change this rule a bit, once in a while he talked in Portuguese and at last he let the thing go loose. Sometime after that, he quit; I think he might earn more bucks at this time. I miss him, because I pose many questions that I had then.    I made a "questions book" with doubts like "There is any difference between eat and ate?", I mean, in pronouce... Yeah, different pronounces.

   Well, guy; the hour is high and I have two reports to make (I am a workaholic, but not ´cause I wish that, you know, I have a demanding and perfectionist boss) and my work mate is on holiday, vacation ...whatever.

    I will come as soon as I can, and in instalments I will tell you about my experience on learning English (almost self thought, most of time; but this is the hard way. If you can afford, don´t save on this. Having a good teacher is faster and more accurate).

    One thing is certain, my English is better now, and I am thankful to Speak Up and this EMB Forum, and that of BBC in the UK (sadly it is closing in Dec, 21. I am afraid).

    But I hope others good sites will come out, who knows?

    As for, the "impressive English level", as you said, I did think you was talking about somebody else, not me...lol   Even so, I am flattered you acknoledge my effort, this is a long path to go.       Guess what? I spent almost a year or so, only reading EMB and got trepidant on posting a message.  So, some time ago I perceived that I was not that bad, and decided have a go; if something I share the little I know about this colorful language with some countrymen of mine.

     And in the process, I feel at home, make some friends and help others people free themselves of fear of making mistakes (by writing).

     To say the truth, I would score myself 7, in a scale 0-10. I am very generous with myself...don´t you think? huh?


     See you again.


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