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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/DEZ/2007 2:37 AM
Assunto:  Leia-se


I think you typed an extra "s" by mistake:

Where it reads "parts", reads "products".

I may be wrong, but the sentence above sounds a bit awkward to my ears. I think we might be trying to make a literal translation of a very idiomatic Portuguese construction. Or maybe the sentence sounds fine in English too. I'd like to know what a native speaker thinks.


   Tiago, you have a point.

   However the awkwardness of the sentence is not only in the extra "s" in the second "read".      It´s that in a general way the second "read" is preceded for some bit of sentence like "it should be read", "it should read", "it should say", "it should simply read", "it should have had..." or, for example, "it really read".

   "It really read" I spared to the end for I think that leaving out the "really" don´t hurt; so it would morph into "it read" as in my previous examples in recent posts.

   However running a check in Google I hardly have seen this sentence in this fashion, save a few cases like that of an essay in Scielo site, so in being a Brazilian site could be "prone" to this type of usage.

   Thus, from now on, I am going stick to the more consecrated form:

   Where it reads "parts", it should read "products".




   Here some examples extracted from Google. I wrote "where it reads" and tons of

trash turned up, but I weeded the bad ones...mostly things that had not to do the subject 


The following conditions refer equally to photographing from a hide or setting up a camera and equipment close to the subject area and operating the camera with a remote release. Where it reads “hide” it should be read to include cameras and equipment set up in this manner. Any need to move vegetation should be minimal and at most only to tie back intruding foliage. Foliage is often a protection against predators, sun, rain and wind. Removing foliage reduces the protection and so chance of survival. Any foliage tied back must be returned immediately at the end of each photographic session.


There is an error in the text. Where it reads, “Two 75-watt 12-volt modules will require at least a 6-amp charge controller; four modules will require a 12-amp controller,” it should read, “One 75-watt 12-volt module will require at least a 6-amp charge controller; two modules will require a 12-amp controller. Sorry for the inconvenience. —Jeff Yago

where it where it reads "installed 25,000-gallon water tanks" it should read 2,500-gallon tanks. Also where it reads "and have gotten everyone who have", change everyone to "most everyone". Director Yost stated that he might have misspoke at the time. He also stated that on page 8, where it says “four architects”; there were only two.

except that where it reads "pure ego" it should read "pure evil"" [ltr., 12/7/73]
where it reads "1020 eV", he actually means "ten TO THE twentieth electron Volts."
Where it reads "Select the type of install:" to the right of that box it should say "TIFF, Installatron + Xloader - RECOMMENDED"
Where it reads “and man was created in God’s image” it really read “and God was created in man’s image”!!
Where it reads "...migrate user state information that previous tools." it should read:
"...migrate user state information than previous tools."
...the following changes should be made, where it reads: "Rochelle suggested that
 someone from. the library . . . " it should simply read: "Rochelle mentioned ...
ADVANCED IDEALS INSTITUTE, REAMS Biological Theory of Ionization ...
- [ Traduzir esta página ]Then on the third to last
 sentence where it reads, "If the doctors relied on the medical lab test," it should read, "
where it reads “produced in the country”. It should
have read
“constructed in the country” or even “assembled in the country”.




Thanks a lot.

See ya.


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