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Autor:  Clébene
E-mail:  shakespy@hotmail.com
Data:  22/DEZ/2007 5:35 AM
Assunto:  Meaning of "Fill out"

Hello dudes, my question is about the meaning of the phrasal verb "Fill out", well, usually I use it in cases of putting information on a form, like, "I need to fill out these fields unless I want my form not to be accepted", so, this is the only meaning I know but playing a game today I saw that it is used in others situations as well.


To explain what I'm trying to say I'll describe the situation, it was a cop taking money from a man and the man was complaining about it, to be more understandable, I'll put here their talking:


P.S.: There was two cops, one take the money from the guy


Cop 1: "I`ll take that Hernandez"

The Man "Hey, that`s my paper man. That's money"

Cop 1: "This is drug money"

The Man: "My money, man..."

Cop 2: "Hey don't worry about it, I'll fill it out later"


Well, as I can see, "Fill out" is used meaning "entregar", is it ok?


Well there's a video that I've uploaded to youtube with this scene, the situation I'm describing is on the middle of the video, something around 1 minute of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN4qr2o4bSg

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