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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/DEZ/2007 3:16 PM
Assunto:  It ou they?

Here we go (I would put it the following way, and I am going explain why):

1) A Petrobras respondeu que ela se responsabilizará por...

Petrobras answered that it/they will take the responsibility for...

         For "Petrobras" here is taken as a coletive for the firm/institution/entity.

         another example:  NYPD said that it will take harsh measures on petty crimes.



2) Se o cliente exigir, ele deverá ser reembolsado. / Se o cliente exigir, o mesmo deverá ser reembolsado.

If the customer demands, it/they (?) shall be reimbursed.  (none of it...)


      If the customer demands, he shall be reimbursed. (client taken as a colletive group, everybody [all clients]; and nobody in particular.)



     For the time being, I have not the minutes of grammar English to give you  on that matter, but I would write this way.



      And for adages/proverbs/generalisations you could use HE, as in:

      "He who studies languages have a new view of everything."

      (Aquele que estuda línguas tem uma nova visão de todas as coisas)


      "He who makes an extra effort succeeds in life."

       (Aquele que se esforça um pouco mais tem sucesso na vida.)




    They would be used when we have a "sujeito oculto" in Portuguese, also used in generalisations etc:

         They say that America is a big country.

         'Dizem que a America é um grande país.


         They say that the earth is round.

         Dizem que a terra é redonda.


  Further comments are welcome, I am playing by ear now, so peer evaluation and comments are needed.


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