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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  22/DEZ/2007 6:21 PM
Assunto:  Bloodstone

 From a site I copied, I think it is named bloodstone (I italicised the main part, at least main for me.)

 It also might have to do "drugs", because in early days crack was named stone and people "high" were called "stoned". Hard to say, because songs can be highly cryptic, you know.




Why the name "Bloodstone"?  Perhaps the description as follows might help to explain.

     "Many of the powers attributed to the bloodstone included the correcting of the mind and the giving of strength and courage."

     When i was collared, i was presented with a delicate, gold chain which had attached to it a tiny d-shaped ring.   The necklace was designed to emulate the same collar in the above logo.   Another necklace was also shared with me.  It is a gold chain as well, but longer and bearing a rectangular-shaped bloodstone pendant.  The significance was, that i had worked hard to get to the point in my life that i have reached.  i had used my courage and gained my strength. 

     Bloodstone is a group of women, some "submissive", some "switch", all welcome, who tell their stories and share their lives. They show us their triumphs and disappointments, their frustrations and their joys.  Some days, their entries will be filled with happiness and love.   Other days, the reader may encounter pain and loss.  All are sharing their real lives.

     The journals are written with trust and hope and honesty.   The words come from a good place in their hearts and are a gift to those who read them.  And as the lives of the writers progress, their journals will reflect changes.  They have all had experience in the D/s lifestyle.

     Just as the bloodstone, these submissives hold strength and courage at their core.


The participants:

Bloodstones were known long ago as "heliotropes".   This word means "sun turn".
One Greek legend held that the heliotrope reflected the sun in the earth as blood red.  
The bloodstone (heliotrope) can be a change or "turn over" stone,
as its name implies, for it is a powerful energy mover.  It is believed that it can
sweep away blocks, allowing one to move forward,
and is considered the "healing stone". 

This seemed to apply to the journal participants in this ring.
They have gone through many changes, which are "reflected in their words,
and continue to move forward in their lives.  So they have been affectionately dubbed:  

"The Heliotropes"

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