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Autor:  Márcio Farias
E-mail:  marcio_osorio@oi.com.br
Data:  23/DEZ/2007 5:58 PM
Assunto:  I'd better.... I'd rather
Mensagem:  I'd better = I had better

had better or had best 1 : would be wise to --used with the infinitive without to <had better try slow walks to start building up his strength>  2 : should for one's own welfare <had better pay what the court tells him to>

I say you folks had better pack up and move on. That massive asteroid'll fall hard

I'd rather = I had rather ou I would rather.

I had rather = I had liefer = I had sooner = I would rather. Ex.:

Obs.: Neste caso geralmente (mas nem sempre) se faz acompanhar de um than.

X and Y's friends had liefer sit at home than go to the dance.
Morgan had sooner drink than sleep.
I had much rather we not stay.
We would rather go for dinner after the show.

Leia também a nota de uso de rather aqui:


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I'd better.... I'd rather  –  elisangela  23/DEZ/2007, 4:11 PM
 I'd better.... I'd rather  –  Márcio Farias  23/DEZ/2007, 5:58 PM
I'd better.... I'd rather  –  elisangela  27/DEZ/2007, 4:35 PM

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