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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  23/DEZ/2007 7:03 PM
Assunto:  Casual...

Longman Dictionary of Comtemporary English by Longman Press

in the Entry "casual" p.197 (impression printed in 2000) has it:


casual: adj. >NOT CARING - not caring or seeming not to care about something: His casual manner annoyed me.


>CLOTHES: casual clothes are comfortable clothes that you wear in a informal situations.


>WITHOUT ATTENTION: without any clear aim or serious interest: A casual glance at the Times.


>NOT PLANNED:  happening by chance without being planned: A casual meeting/remark (something that you say for no particular reason).




In the Random House College Dict. -Revised Edition by Random House (p. 211) in the item "casual" we can see:


casual - 1) happening by chance: a casual meeting.

           2) without definite or serious intention; offhand: a casual remark.

           3) seeming or tending to be indifferent; apathetic: a casual; nonchalant air.

            4) (of clothes) appropriate for wearing at home; informal.

            5) occasional; random; irregular: a casual visitor.




    I think that "eventual" in Portuguese and "occasional" in English convey the same meaning.  So in this sense "occasional" by being synomym with "casual", again in English only can be the same.

    I am really convinced of that, till proved otherwise.

    Best regards.


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