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Autor:  André Costa
E-mail:  andre_costa2002@yahoo.com.br
Data:  06/DEZ/2002 1:16 PM
Assunto:  Could somebody give me a hand here?
Mensagem:  Gostaria de saber o significado das seguintes expressões:
- "as thick as bottled shit"
escrevo a frase toda para se perceber o contexto
"the course is such a load of shit and all the people in it are as
thick as bottled shit" e também

- "coming to terms"
- "cut out"

da frase
"I think she is coming to terms with the fact that myself and my friend sarah are just not cut out for teaching as we are not very punctual and dont wear flat shoes and aran(woolly) cardigans"

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 Could somebody give me a hand here?  –  André Costa  06/DEZ/2002, 1:16 PM
Re: Could somebody give me a hand here?  –  Ron  06/DEZ/2002, 1:44 PM
Re: Could somebody give me a hand here?  –  Clelio  06/DEZ/2002, 3:11 PM

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