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Autor:  Do it/ Do it/ Do it ...
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Data:  30/DEZ/2007 9:10 PM
Assunto:  Would like (for) you to

would like (for) you to


This is the first time I have ever focussed my attention upon this use of ‘for’.


It is not a form that I ever use.  It is also not a form that I ever encounter in day-to-day speech. Maybe it is an idiom used in a localised ‘hillbilly’ dialect somewhere or occurs in some hollywood film.


In terms of adding meaning to the phrase, the “for” seems totally redundant.


If we look at the first phrase (the one without the ‘for’) it expresses someone’s wish that another person perform a particular task


“I would like you to mow the lawn / to hang out the washing.”


The form ‘would like you to’ seems completely adequate to express the speaker’s intention / to convey their idea to the listener.  Given the adequacy of the expression, it seems unclear what need there is to introduce the ‘for’.  Certainly it is an option, and it doesn’t render the phrase unintelligible or incorrect, but it is unclear what purpose is served by the ‘for’.


Generally speaking, the tendency in spoken English is to shorten forms (will, shall – ‘ll; would, should etc – ‘d) so even the form of this use is unusual and runs against the established pattern.

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