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Autor:  Googled out
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/DEZ/2007 8:31 PM
Assunto:  Would like (for) you to

As a mother tongue speaker working in medico-legal and educational spheres with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds, I can say I have never heard the phrase, used the phrase or heard it used.


How many times have you heard it? Do tell!
Google’s database of quotes could probably supply examples for any spurious argument you choose to run. 


As illustrated by your case, it still can’t outweigh mother tongue knowledge and experience - you need to consult an arbiter because you just don't know.
The matter has been discussed from a semantic perspective (adds no meaning) and from a structural perspective (the established pattern in English is abbreviation of forms) and it has been pointed out that the form, though unusual, is not offensive or incorrect or forbidden.
It was certainly never said that the phrase does not exist or is never used.
If the point of the exercise is to simply consult Google, why not just do that in the first place and spare the rest of us the run around.


BTW, are you disputing that the established pattern in English is to shorten phrases?


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