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Autor:  mrob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/JAN/2008 12:43 AM
Assunto:  be used to

Fleming, do you mean something like…


1. Roger Federer: I’m used to winning tennis games


2. Pele: I’m used to scoring goals


3. Tiger Woods: I’m used to earning millions of US$ winning golf tournaments


1 – 3: All positive stuff.


Compare with


a. Jimmy Smith: I got used to eating dog meat in Korea


b. Frank Brady: I got used to hot chillies in Mexico


A & B: Now that was a struggle – an acquired taste in each case! (Same with pecorino cheese in my opinion)


Not a whiff of the elusive scent of arrogance to be detected though


Dale, kingly elucidate on your context comment.  BTW you consistently come across as being churlish. Am I misinterpreting things?


Is it perhaps that you wish it was your own private forum and you could be the alpha male with all the right answers and no one correcting you? 


Are you having some sort of US style cowboy fantasy? ie “There’s only enough room for one of us in this town.”


I only wish to provide useful advice to people who want to learn English. I also appreciate that one of the benefits of this forum is the ‘brainstorming effect.  Many can make positive contributions. 


Cheers to all

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