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Autor:  Márcio Farias
E-mail:  marcio_osorio@oi.com.br
Data:  01/ABR/2008 8:59 AM
Assunto:  Hell no, I won't go
Mensagem:  Sarah, thank you, but no, I won't go. What with all the mosquito and snake and tarantula bites, and all that malaria and yellow fever, hell no, I won't go. I'd rather get mugged or assassinated in violent Recife than die of some strange disease in the Amazon state.

I will definitely NOT visit the Amazon state. Period. >:-|

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 Hell no, I won't go  –  Márcio Farias  01/ABR/2008, 8:59 AM
Hell no, I won't go  –  Breckenfeld  01/ABR/2008, 8:51 PM
Hell no, I won't go  –  Márcio Farias  01/ABR/2008, 11:50 PM
Hell no, I won't go  –  PPAULO  05/ABR/2008, 4:21 PM

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