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Autor:  pocoulocou
E-mail:  john@geidl.net
Data:  06/ABR/2008 7:07 PM
Assunto:  cc'd

The abbreviation c.c. was originally used in written correspondence to indicate distribution of carbon copies.  The advent of word processing and copying machines resulted in a change in the term to mean courtesy copies. 


Additionally you will see the term b.c.c., (blind courtesy copy) which is indicated on an original correspondence but not indicated on copies.  This shows the distribution of courtesy copies to persons not shown on the c.c. distribution list, a Machiavellian way of sharing secrets with a select few.  Only the sender and the b.c.c. recipients are informed of the complete distribution.  Perhaps this term should properly be simply b.c. because it is not a courtesy to keep secrets.

CC’d as a verb:  Wikipedia states, “In computer lingo, it is common to use the name of a computer program, format, or function, acronym or not, as a verb. In such verbification of abbreviations, there is confusion about how to conjugate: for example, if the verb IM (pronounced as separate letters) means to send (someone) an instant message, the past tense may be rendered IM’ed, IMed, IM’d, or IMd — and the third-person singular present indicative may be IM’s or IMs.”

Assim, a frase:  “.. I have cc'd the Committee members." signifique que eu enviei cópias de cortesia aos membros de Comitê.

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