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Autor:  pocoulocou
E-mail:  john@geidl.net
Data:  06/ABR/2008 11:52 PM
Assunto:  Garrote

The garrote or garrot is not the band used in a touniquet.  It is the stick or wooden rod used to twist the band and tighten it. 


It is commonly known as both the method (noun) and the method (verb) of murdering someone.  Often attributed to a method of Mafia slayings or by military guerillas slaying their prey, approaching from behind with a wire attached to two wooden rods (garrots.)  The garrots are quickly placed around the victims neck.  The two rods are then used to twist the wire and strangle the victim. 


In the film "The Godfather," © copyright 1969 by Mario Puzo, Luca Brazi gets garroted for disloyalty to the family. 

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