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Autor:  pat brown
E-mail:  pnbrown@gis.net
Data:  14/DEZ/2002 5:18 PM
Assunto:  Re: 'Como' é difícil
Mensagem:  Com licenza, eu darei meu opinao "como" um Americano: "like" is a synonym of "similar". When used in this way, it is nearly always redundant. So one can easily just not use it if in doubt. Por examplo: Wow! your house is like a palace; ou poderia dizer: Wow! your house is a palace; simples, e a significa e quase identico. If your instinct is to use the word "like", but when you eliminate it the sentence doesn't make any sense, then you should be using "as" or "such as". Por examplo: "in some sports, like basketball, being tall is an advantage". Here we cannot just leave out the word, so it should be: "such as basketball" Don't ask me when to use "such as" or only "as"! It is complicado, but my guess is when there is a verb preceeding, use "as" alone: Jim acts "as" the manager for now. Hope this helps. A proposito -yes, the kids have a deplorable tendency to use "like" as a verb: ......."she saw George, and she was like, wow! who is that?".... It will be the ruination of our English, I am afraid.

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