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Autor:  Jazz
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Data:  18/ABR/2008 9:00 AM
Assunto:  Atlanta, Toronto....
Mensagem:  Excerpt extracted from "http://www.wright.edu/~henry.limouze/ling/phoniss.htm"

Listen to the second syllable, however, in a word like DAYTON or CERTAIN.  Each has two syllables, but in normal (moderate or fast speech) pronunciation, the exact nature of the vowel in the second syllable is unclear--it doesn't actually seem to exist.  Both syllables sound like *[tn].  But we just said that the vowel is the nucleus of every syllable; so a vowel has to be present in some form.

One solution (which we will adopt, following our textbook) is to allow for certain consonants to function as "syllabic consonants."  A syllabic consonant is a consonant which functions like a vowel in that it can be the nucleus of a syllable.  One way of understanding this is to imagine that a vowel has been reduced past the point of being a "schwa" to where it has no independent identity at all.  It has been blended with or swallowed up by the consonant after it.  This is true of the second syllable in DAYTON.

    It is possible to articulate the word slowly and actually say , where the [t] is released into the  which is followed by the [n].  But in normal pronunciation, there is no "space" between the [t] and the [n].  We show this when we make the [n] a syllabic consonant, represented as .  The very small line under the phonetic symbol represents the vowel which is a part of the syllabic consonant.

Here are the four syllabic consonants, with a few examples of their use:

    syllabic  as in MADAME      or COLUMN 
    syllabic  as in CERTAIN       or LEMON   
    syllabic   as in LITTLE           or CAVALRY
    syllabic   as in EAGER          or PERNICIOUS

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