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Autor:  No kidding!!
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/ABR/2008 7:58 PM
Assunto:  prank v. crank v. hoax call

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the allegedly clear distinction between these 3 things does not exist. 


The following post is in the interests of not providing false and misleading information to the sometimes gullible people who believe in the ‘wisdom’ spouting from this ‘sagacious’ forum.
Although the ‘DCR’ post purporting to identify and explain the tripartite distinction was quite convincing, it was really only a figment of the writer’s imagination and not an objective description of these phenomena at all.
Let’s start with dictionary definitions:
· A crank is described as an eccentric person who holds stubbornly to eccentric views. A crank call / letter / phrase is described as being false or phoney.
· A hoax is described as a humorous or mischievous deception, especially a practical joke. A hoax call is described as a phonecall the purpose of which is to conduct a hoax.
· A prank is described as i) a trick of a playful nature ii) a trick of a malicious nature'
Both hoax and prank appear to involve the giving of false information (the kidnapped son would fall into either category, and is also a cruel hoax).
There is a clear distinction between a person who is a crank – someone holding stubbornly to eccentric views and a crank call which is merely false or phoney.
I would regard the phone call sending a colleague away to another place with the false expectation of being promoted and/or receiving a reward as being mean and cruel.  It is a malicious prank; it is a cruel hoax; and it is a crank call in the sense of being false and phoney.
So the reality is far more murky and lacks the clearly delineated neat distinctions portrayed by the earlier post. Jazz’s description of it as ‘crystal clear’ gives it away. The distinctions between these three things are not in fact crystal clear and any explanation which purports to identify a crystal clear distinction is false and misleading.


Perhaps DCR was himself performing a ‘hoax’ – in which case well done!! You certainly pulled the wool over Jazz’s eyes.  And it wasn’t cruel or malicious, despite being false and misleading.


What a top prankster is DCR!  Let’s hope he doesn’t show himself to be a thin skinned one.


If someone posts false and misleading information on the forum, it deserves exposure for what it is.


Let’s not mislead the students.


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