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Autor:  John Waiss
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/ABR/2008 4:32 PM
Assunto:  Test - adequado para nível avançado?

Name: __________________________________________ Date: ____________


A1 – MID Test     Teacher: ____________     Grade: _______ (40)


Use of English                                                                                                             _____/19


Complete the conversation using the Simple Past or the Present Perfect of the verbs in parentheses.

Lisa: Did you happen to run into Julio on your way to class today?

Ted: No, I (1)  _________________ (did). In fact, I (2) ______________________ (see) him for a few days.

Lisa: I was just wondering. I think he may be sick.

Ted: You may be right. He (3) ________________________ (look) very well for the past week and he (4) __________________ (stay) home all last weekend.

Lisa: Well, I (5) _______________________  (call) him last night but nobody (6) _______________ (answer).

Ted: I (7) _______________ (try) to call him yesterday, too. Same thing happened to me.

Lisa: He once (8) ____________ (tell) me he doesn't like to see people when he's not feeling well.

Ted: I'm the same way. When I (9) _________________ (break) my leg last year, I (10)  ____________________ (want) to see anyone either.


Rewrite the sentences using the Passive Voice.


Circle the correct word in each sentence.

10.  Jim got really angry when he got a parking ticket (because /although / so that) he’s usually easygoing.

11.  Lisa borrowed money from the bank ( because / although / so that) she could buy a new car.

12.  (Since / Even though / Whenever) I have a day off, I like to spend it at the beach.

13.  My sister isn’t buying any new clothes (since / even though / whenever) she’s trying to save money.

14.  Luis says that rules are made to be broken. He's really a (free spirit  / self-starter  / team player).

15.  Sometimes Peter says the craziest things. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth! He's really (driven / hothead / unpredicatble / pushover).

16.  Tina loses her temper after every little thing. She can’t control herself because she’s a  (driven / hothead / unpredicatble / pushover).

17.  Some experts say that companies need to end their (overdependence / overloading) on technology, and use it only when really necessary.

18.  John’s computer has crashed and he’s a bit anxious because he (knows something about / doesn’t have a clue about / is pretty good at) fixing things.

19.  I use my (debit card / club card / cash) to pay for general things I buy every day.


Reading                                                                                                                       ______/10

Read the interview then answer the questions.


Extreme Gadgets

Stout: Tech heads on the prowl for phones, game gear, and cameras, all hitting the hotspot of high tech,    the Tokyo district of Akihabara.

Man 1: Whenever I come here, I find something new. So it's always-always amazing.

Man 2: For example, cell phones. I can never find those cell phones in Germany. They're not available yet.

Woman: I hear that Akihabara is the place where you can find this electronic stuff. So I said, 'Let me go around and look out.'

             Stout: Tech junkies from all over the world come to Akihabara to score the latest ultra-thin notebook or micro video camera, the kind of extreme gadgets that you can only find in Japan.

                     American man: There are new products here that haven't been introduced in the United States as yet. First is here. So people who want the latest can get it from Japan probably months before it appears in the United States.

             Stout: Like the Vein Mouse, a computer mouse that can identify a user by scanning the hand.

                    Watanabe: The technology to identify the vein already existed, but it wasn't in the office. I thought there must be a need in the office.

            Stout: For identifying PC users before they log on, this souped-up mouse recognizes the vein pattern and checks it against others stored in the system. For a more general checkup, consider the healthy toilet. It analyzes what's inside the bowl to gauge body fat and blood sugar and then emails the results to the doctor; one of many gizmos at the Future Lifestyle Lab, Panasonic's vision of the networked home.

Kichiya: There is the fridge, and there is a camera inside of the fridge, so you can check the contents from outside using a mobile phone.

Stout: The fridge will retail in the next few years. Panasonic says response has been positive; not a surprise when Japan is so game for gadgets. Do you think Japanese consumers are more willing to try new things than __

Man 1: ­Definitely.

Stout Why?

Man 1: I think because they're used for this innovation, and they are very keen on going out and shopping for those things. And they try out everything.

Stout: In these parts, owning the latest gear is a status symbol. But outside Japan, will people buy the stuff?

Man 3: It's nice to see, but I won't buy it. I'm here for looking and watching.

Stout:. This is one place where shopping can be a spectator sport. Christy Lu Stout, CNN, Tokyo.


Aswer T/F

20. All the extreme gadgets on display in Japan have already appeared in the United States. (    )

21. The technology used in the vein mouse has already been used in other office gadgets. (    )

22. The healthy toilet measures the user’s weight and temperature. (    )

23. The refrigerator will be sold to the public in the next few years. (    )

24. According to the reporter, extreme gadgets are a status symbol in Japan. (    )


Writing                                                                                                                       _____/11


Answer these questions.

25. Which, if any, of the extreme gadgets from the interview above would you like to own? Give reasons for your answer.

26. Do you agree with the idea that Japanese consumers are more likely to try new thinks than people from other countries? Why or why not?


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