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Autor:  Nira
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Data:  16/MAI/2008 7:49 PM
Assunto:  Torneiro mecânico-resumo

Lathe Operators set up and/or operate lathes to perform machining operations, such as turning, boring, threading, and facing, on metallic or nonmetallic workpieces according to specifications.



Lathe Operators may:

Read blueprints, job orders, tooling instructions, or standard charts to determine specifications and machining procedures

Plan the operation for efficient use of tools and time

Change worn out tools

Perform routine machine maintenance

Check to see that workpiece meets specifications

Install specified chucks or hold fixtures on headstocks

Secure the workpiece in the holding device

Position and secure tools and tool holders to tool heads

Adjust lathe controls, stops, and cams to set rotation speed, feed rates, and depth of cuts

Turn handwheels to feed the tool to the workpiece or engage an automatic feed

Direct the flow of coolant and remove chips

Mark reference lines on the workpiece with a scribe (tool)


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