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Autor:  pat brown
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/DEZ/2002 4:39 PM
Assunto:  Re: 'Como' é difícil
Mensagem:  Jose,

Quem governam o lingua portugues? Concordo, o "hyphen rules" perece muito complicado para mim.

I object to this slang use of "like" to replace verbs such as "said", because it is arbitrary and inaccurate, causing confusion to the ordinary listener. The major historical shift in grammar and the aquisition of a broad new vocabulary that you refer to is not very comparable in my opinion. The former is simply lazy and affectacious corruption of language on the part of some speakers, whereas the latter was caused by crucial historical events (conquest of England in 1066).
I was really just being dramatic about the "ruination", I have no fear at all of this mis-use of the word "like" becoming permanent.

A proposito, eu pensei dum melhor maneiro nao usar a palavra "like", quando eh synonymo com "similar" - que eh eliminar e tornar o substantivo ao adjectivo;

por examplo: Wow! your house is like a palace!

one may say: Wow! your house is palatial!

Esses frases tem a significa a mesma.

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