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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  04/JUN/2008 8:23 PM
Assunto:  Could you please, check my sentences?
Mensagem:  The grammar of a sentence can be correct and yet it can still sound unnatural.  There is nothing wrong, for example, with the grammar of this:  "Please pass me the pepper and salt."  However, you will probably never hear a native say it because he is used to hearing and saying "salt and pepper" and not "pepper and salt".  I've given my personal opinion below.  If you don't like it,. don't sue me.


- I have to reveal the true story;

OK.  or "I have to tell the true story/"

- This is what have been saying recently;

A pronoun is missing.  Maybe "This is what people have been saying recently."

- The strong steps of the giant are coming closer and closer;

OK.  Possibly you want to exchange "steps" for "strides" or "the strong steps" for "the loud steps". 

- This story has arisen recently. It was invented by some popular people;

Instead of "invented", I suggest you say "fabricated".

- It was the easiest way;


- Today it's my luckiest day!;

Maybe "Today was the luckiest day of my life!"

Note that "it" is not used.  You wouldn't say "John he is my friend."  Right?  Adding "of my life" gives more emphasis and clarity to the sentence.

- I don't miss your TV programs and I didn't miss any of your speeches.;

My only suggestion is that you put a comma between "programs" and "I". 

"I don't miss your TV programs, and I didn't miss any of your speeches."  Are you sure that you want "don't" and then "didn't"?  It depends on the context.

- Would you mind answering some fast questions?;

OK. Instead of "fast", I'd expect "quick" or "brief".

- It is asked for the audience to stand up and clap.;

"It is that the audience stand up and clap."

- It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.  


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