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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  05/JUN/2008 8:56 PM
Assunto:  "Backstage"
Mensagem:  "Spelling Bee", I was trying to be diplomatic with you while not letting a Brazilian speaker think he'd discovered a new word in English.   I screwed up on a post this morning.  I'm human too.  So sue me!  LOL

Not sure if you speak Portuguese.  You seem to be using multiple nicknames or screen names.  To the right of where we put in our names is the phrase "Se optar por um pseudônimo, use sempre o mesmo."  It means, of course, "If you choose to use a pseudoname/nickname/screen name, always use the same one."  

Due to disappointing experiences I've had over the years with "multiple identities", I rarely read their entries.  From what I've read from other users, some feel the same way.  I mention the "same name" thing to you because you seem to be a nice person.   Believe me, this forum gets its share of low-lifes and cyber scum whose true natures pop to the surface thanks to Internet anonymity.  There's no need to be jerks here.  If we can't act like ladies and gentlemen while helping others, maybe we should spend more time playing in front of buses and testing bungee ropes.  I try to write a post the same way I'd talk to someone if they had a brick in each hand and I was a long walk from home. 
LOL   Sometimes I fail. 

Lecture over.


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