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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/JUN/2008 11:54 AM
Assunto:  Para Nativos 2
Mensagem:  Beautiful, Sidney!

Discrimination exists in some form just about everywhere.  It may be very minor or outrageous.  It may truly exist or it may exist only in our minds. 

As many of you know, I live in Costa Rica.  Costa Ricans are convinced that all crimes are committed by foreigners.  If it's shown that the criminal is Costa Rican, then he learned to commit crimes from his foreigner friends.  It's hilarious!  Costa Ricans think that all Nicaraguans are thieves.  Nicaraguans thinks that all Costa Rican men are gay and all Costa Rican women are prostitutes.  If you are from Colombia or the Dominican Republic, Costa Ricans will assume that you are up to no good. 

A national symbol of Costa Rica is the handpainted ox  cart.  Nicaraguans say that only a homosexual would paint flowers on an ox cart!  There may be an explanation for the believe that all Costa Rican women are prostitutes.  Central Americans seldom know other countries.  If they know Costa Ricans, they have probably met them in Nicaragua.  If a lady is from Costa Rica and decide to work as a prostitute, would she work in Costa Rica where she will be recognized or will she go to another country where her face is unknown?  And since Nicaragua is indeed a poor country and there is much more employment in Costa Rica, it makes sense that a Costa Rican isn't going there to work in a bank.

And how about Brazil?  Gauchos think that all Paulistanos are like this.  Paulistanos think that all Cariocas are like that.  Cariocas think that Baianos are this way.  Baianos think Paraibanos are that way.  Everyone seems to have their mind set how others are.

My Costa Rican father-in-law once said that all Americans like XYZ.  Or at least the American he met in 1931 liked XYZ...  Funny! 


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