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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/JUN/2008 7:32 PM
Assunto:  Re: Para Nativos 2
Mensagem:     I have to acknoledge Dale, you are a well informed guy; indeed Brazil in wich there are several countries within. 
   In this vein, I heard some (for instance) "cariocas" (let´s say, very few) that think the violence troubles that they experience in here is due to northeast citizens, I don´t think so (having lived here for fifteen years I was a law-abiding citizen and all; albeit I can´t speak for all people from northeast region...).
  By experience, I can say that when things don´t go well we tend to play the blame game, and it is not only in Brazil, other countries do it...and in Brazil "Paulistas" blame Northeast people, and in Rio the same etc...
  That´s no novelty, in his time Freud itself had to flee from his country to England, and the cause was not his works (then accepted worldwide) but due to people that sided Nazi ideas at the time.
   But in general, I can assert that the majority of Brazilians are warm and kind, and like you said people that are impatient (they sometimes hope  getting  a job  in no time, or  think that life is unfair because someone get a good position in a company; just the position they longed for "centuries").
  But this is normal and human, no generalization is accurate, so I think that sometimes accept life like it is, would be a good attitude (but no costs in  trying  hard  to  work, study and be nice to people...exactly the more difficult things today, for many folks.
  Again, I think there is plenty of discrimation all over the world; but if someone makes friends, this acts like a "cushion" and softs our life.
  Bye to you  all.

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