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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/JUN/2008 7:49 PM
Assunto:  Re: possibility vs. probability
Mensagem:  Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Since this principle appeals to what we know, it concerns epistemic probabilities (a.k.a. subjective probabilities) or degrees of belief. If you are certain of the truth of a proposition, then you assign to it a probability equal to 1. If you are certain that a proposition is false, then you assign to it a probability equal to 0. And if you have no information that makes you believe that the truth of a proposition is more likely (or less likely) than its falsity, then you assign to it probability 1/2. Subjective probabilities are therefore also known as ignorance probabilities: if you are ignorant of any differences between the possibilities, you assign to them equal probabilities.

You´re not alone; in fact, these are two tricky words to use, and either your teacher is a mathematician that is trying to pull your leg or trying make you show him the white feather,  eh eh.  There´s plenty of definitions of both terms in the web (if we hit the Google or other search machine).   Indeed, one of the classical definitions of probability is the ratio between te numbers of possible cases and the total number of (equally) possible cases.

   In other words probability of one event is = # of possible cases / total of every possible cases.
  Example: the probability of one dice falling with the "one spot" side upward is 16,6%
  ratio of one spot = 1 (possibility of one out-of-six)/ six possibilities
  <=>  1/6 = 0,166...     [16,6% ]

In other words: probability is the subset of possibilities.  (probability would be a narrowing of the possibilities; conversely possibilities would be the widening of all probabilities).

  Ainda, em outras palavras, do (grupo) menor para o maior:
  Possibilidade é o maior grupo, o total (empiricamente falando; seria interessante lembrar de quando  alguém  diz  que TUDO é possível).
  Probabilidade é  um subgrupo  do  grupo anterior (empiricamente; lembrar de quando
dizem é UMA probabilidade dentre muitas).

 No dia-á-dia as pessoas falam um pelo outro (a maioria, digo); e se você usá-los assim eles nem notarão a diferença (a não ser o seu professor...)

See you around, and hope this helps.

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