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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/JUN/2008 9:42 PM
Assunto:  Re: learning irregular verbs by heart
Mensagem:      Thanks for sharing your p.o.v. Johannes, very useful hint indeed.
    In fact, I myself (mis)corrected the mistake.
    Speaking of tenses, it´s no surprise that I don´t master this rudiment of grammar and language very well.  So now and then I might misuse some English tense.
    The  wonder (to me)  it´s  that  people  didn´t correct it before.
    After that, other thread was open on  this  topic (tenses); so I would expect this clue was in there.
    Other point is, only eighteen days after the topic of mine (June, the first); the hint comes.
    However, better late than never; and you just explained the reason (having read the former 18 days behind.)  Okay then.
    Speaking of misreading, it´s probable that many people think that I advocate a bad English writting and talking.     Not at all; when I say that tenses are my Achiles´ heel, I don´t mean I wish keeping making blunders all the time.   It´s not an affronting attitude of mine, I will study the stuff when I get back home.
     Right now, I am talking only to Portuguese speakers and away from my books and all.  And on top of all that, I am taking a course on meteorology (what makes me crazy, sort of...my plate is full...) and when I get home other course is awaiting for me (this one, coming by mail, however as  important as the current one, for me).
     No wonders, then; your buddy here is becoming rusty in English.

     But I persist, insist and don´t desist (from studying it).
     Okay, okay, instead of "desist" I should have put "give up"; was only a pun with the (almost) same equivalent phrase in Portuguese.
     As all basic English student knows, in English the Latin words aren´t preferred to an English
one. So, the natural way would be give up.
    Hugs and best wishes for you all.

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