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Autor:  Jazz
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/JUN/2008 4:13 PM
Assunto:  What first crosses your minds?
Mensagem:  When you guys listen to the following statements, what do you think of, at first, without being within any other context?

a) The exam was rather difficult. ('very' or to 'a slight degree'?)
I mean "bem difícil" or "um poucquinho difícil"?

b) She's quite honest. ('very' or 'a little')
i.e., "bem honesta" or "um pouco honesta, mas não completamente"?... or in "she's quite a woman" does it usually mean "um mulherão"?

c) I'll be back in a couple of weeks. (two or some)?


By the way, would you mind mentioning your English background (whether it's AmE or BrE) for instance?

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