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Autor:  Jazz
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/JUN/2008 12:22 PM
Assunto:  Go or Go To?

My guess is:

I need to go to work. (right)

ou I need to go work. (wrong) "but I need to go home"


Se houver um verbo após o verbo to Go uso ou não uso To?


Both are right, albeit they slightly differ .

I need to go help my mother now. (right) = "Preciso ir ajudar minha mãe agora"

I need to go to help my mother now. (right) "Preciso ir para/ a fim de / com o objetivo de ajudar minha mãe agora.

[go + primitive form of verb] is used in commands. "Go tell them what you learned about her."


Let's see what others have to say about it as well.


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