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Autor:  Paulo Almeida
E-mail:  paulodalmeida@zipmail.com.br
Data:  29/JAN/2004 5:41 PM
Assunto:  Re: Cambridge x TOEFL
Mensagem:  Jack, if you feel comfortable and confident enough to be teaching other people, go ahead. Only you can tell yourself whether you're prepared or not to face the students. Certificates do help and are handy, for they may increase your chances to getting jobs (if you intend to apply as an employee at some English school). In the other hand, working independently, your skills and renown speak for themselves... Since you have friends who know people... people who know more people... With some hard work you’ll get many word-of-mouth students! Of course you may get the certificate you aim... But not having one is not an obstacle not to teach...

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