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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/FEV/2004 7:49 PM
Assunto:  Re: Que dicionário vocês usam? Re: Paraíso Fisc
Mensagem:  I admit I didn't use a dictionary.....I used common sense (and the funny thing is that in the next room my wife was doing the paperwork to pay our taxes and she was complaining about not having access to a fiscal paradise.....which we wouldn't use because we know that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes). However, after reading the various posts in this thred, I think that "tax haven" and "fiscal paradise" are both correct but the author should explain the parameters when writing. Suppose that ficticious Country X is an excellent fiscal paradise and a great place to make investments due to the banking system, monetary flow, etc. Yet, I'd not call Country X a "tax haven" because it has a reciprocity agreement with my government to report all transactions of over ten thousand US dollars as part of the war on money laundering. So, I wouldn't want to move my assets there as they would be transparent unless I was willing to be completely honest. Instead, I'd go to ficticious Country Y which has no such agreements. There I would hide my assets and make payments in the US through surrogate or dummy corporations. That way I'd be able to do a lot of things not really good for the average US taxpayer. I'd be able to hide my profits, hide my debt margin, bid on contracts as a foreign entity and not have to worry about conflict of interest, etc. Run a Google search and use the words "fiscal paradise" and you will get links to Tax Havens. One site that pops up is: http://www.internationalspecialreports.com/archives/99/andorra/7.html in which Andorra wants to be seen as a fiscal paradise but not a tax haven. They want the words to mean different things. This site claims to offer a fiscal paradise and they have an office in Paraguay: http://www.ambergriscaye.com/interfisa/ Maybe the economy majors can cast a better light on this subject, Tom

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