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Autor:  Paulo Almeida
E-mail:  paulodalmeida@zipmail.com.br
Data:  04/FEV/2004 8:36 AM
Assunto:  Re: To Go Postal
Mensagem:  Man, gotta tell you that it beats me! And I lived in NY for almost a year! Anyhow, here follows some definitions I've found in the Internet: 1. verb. A euphemism for becoming stressed out to the point of losing it completely. 2. Go Postal A chain of retail outlets where you can buy stamps and bullets. The drive-thru is open all night. There's a bulk discount for government employees. 3. Meaning Go berserk. Origin Originated in the USA in 1990s, where there were several incidents of people going berserk and shooting numerous members of the public in post offices. Source: www.onelook.com See also http://phrases.shu.ac.uk

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