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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/OUT/2008 9:03 PM
Assunto:  Re: Tradução.

We're gonna go charling, and have us a fling...


charling and fling?



Well, hard to know without much context.

But there are some likely sentences such as: "Where gonna charging....(carregar

uma arma de fogo...), and have us a fling.   (indulgir a si próprio um pouco de adrenalina, alguma coisa assim).


Or maybe "charling" could then be a corruption of "charlatan", made into a new verb (one that would somehow mean "con" some people , who knows? 


Well, would be chancy to assure you anything without more context.




Definition: Fling
1. A usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl".

2. A brief indulgence of your impulses.

3. The act of flinging.

1. Throw with force or recklessness; "fling the frisbee".

2. Move in an abrupt or headlong manner; "He flung himself onto the sofa".

3. Indulge oneself; "I splurged on a new TV".

4. Throw or cast away; "Put away your worries".

"If he is young, he desires to have his `fling' before he is compelled to settle down" - Nineteenth Century (February,1892, p. 208).

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