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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/OUT/2008 11:49 PM
Assunto:  Re: Gentílico

   I was talking about English such it is "felt" by a  Portuguese student.

   So, this confusion is very commom (ask teachers of English from EMB forum and everywhere...).


   Many people, again, Portuguese speakers that are in their first steps are going to "transfuse" the rules from L1 to L2.

    Hence, the confusion: in Portuguese we conjugate the verb in this person "é" [você é...]   and in English we should conjugate "are" [you are].


    Ask to any ninth-grader student of ours, when they are just starting English classes.




    Stuff like that are the nightmare of translators.

    Things are not black-white, there are nuances and minutes in both languages, depends on region, background, and a number of others features.


     Wouldn´t this way; would be easy understand the meaning, for example, of names.

      Taking one particular instance: a current of teachers advocate not translating names.

      Thus, in making acquaintance with an English speaker I must say that I am "Paulo" not "Paul".

      To a certain extent, this works fine.

      But when one is going to read the Bible he might know that Tiago is James, that Paulo is Paul and so on and so forth.

      And a globe-trotter business person, shall know in England and US William (Or Bill - remember: Bill Clinton is William Rodham Clinton.   Bill is a by-name sort of, but this is another history...).   So, William will be Wilhelm in Germany and Guilherme in Brazil.

       So, etimologically I know where Guilherme came from, and how it went by degrees turning into William.   Or vice-versa.




    Well, I think people that crossed that bridge; wether the English speaking ones that are or were in the beggining of Portuguese study.  Or, conversely, the ones, say, Brazilians that are beggining to study English, know what I am talking about.


     But, after a while, people get proficient and they get used to forgetting how they were at the very beggining.


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