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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/FEV/2004 8:19 PM
Assunto:  To Michelle
Mensagem:  I guessed that it is a "he" because I'm a father and had a daughter. Something in the syntax. You would have said from a girl friend or from girl friends if that were the case. Yes, Pensacola is a beautiful place. We moved here last June and settled into a new house. We spent a lot of time clearing out the "mato" behind our house and now can just walk out on our dock and fish or watch the lake. It's about two kilometers to the beach but we prefer to go to one that's a little farther away so we can take advantage of the amenities. Amenities? What kind of a word is that? Hmmmm....homework. I decided to start a new thread so we wouldn't have to jump back to the January posts. We do not go to Wal Mart very often but I was glad to see that they are now selling lots of fruits and vegetables from Brazil. Too many of the items sold there are made in China. I like the nice towels from Brazil, Hering shirts, Clark shoes, etc. It's interesting that at times we can buy things made in Brazil that are not readily available there. I know that certain styles of shoes are made only for export. What we need is for someone in Brazil to figure out a way to send two kinds of meat to the US. One is calabreza and the other is paio (the large pork sausage). Black beans just aren't the same without some paio in them!! 'nuff for now, get your homework done and write back when you get a chance, Tom

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