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Autor:  Orlando
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/FEV/2004 9:09 PM
Assunto:  Re: To Michelle
Mensagem:  Falando de feijão pretinho, que tal uma Feijoada Vinicius' Style. Feijoada (according to the poet Vinicius de Moraes) Since we get out of bed Rather late in the morning The feijoada should be there already Waiting in its juice And the cook, being aware Of our mastery in the art, Should already have prepared The pork and set it apart The ingredients making up The tasty sauce, such as Onions, tomatoes, cloves Of garlic - and anything else Should all be chopped early So as to avoid Any further contact With our noble hands Whilst we just make A few little changes And supervise the cooking - with a whisky on the rocks. When the beans are cooked (Around four hours on a medium heat) Yawning with boredom, We return to the stove Striking an elegant pose, One foot in front and One arm behind the back We sample the black richness of floating meat. Succulent dried meat Rich smoked ham sausage (A piggy's ears were never Such an opulent excess!) Now, look out, modest secret Of mine concerning the feijoada: A fresh peeled tongue Set to cook with the rest. When this is done, remove the doughy lumps That have formed and add them To the wonderful stew Making a nice thick sauce That will be mixed all round the pan In which the poet, as a good omen, Will scatter bay leaves In a classical and pagan gesture. It is useless to say that, meanwhile, On a separate flame The pretty circles of dried sausage Should be fried Whilst next to them, on a low heat, The delicious torresmo Should also be frying And melting with pleasure The same fat in which (There is no better to be had!) The shredded cabbage Should afterwards be fried over a hot flame. A farofa ? Richly mixed with butter. A chilled orange in slices (a Seleta or a Bahia) and that's it. Only at the last cooking Before taking it to the table Is a drop of fat from the sausage Mixed into the delicacy. What more pleasure can anyone ask After having eaten such a feijoada? Perhaps just a hammock And a cat to stroke ... Duty fulfilled. A poet Always keeps his word! With best wishes from Yours truly, Vinícius de Morais.

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