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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/OUT/2008 8:20 PM
Assunto:  Re: To hold up the wall

    Well, I´m not a native, may I then reply your message?  At least I´ll kick off.


    What I have seen closest to the title (and maybe this explains well the phrase; if not, let´s wait comments.)







....Camp Foster

This is a YMCA camp in NW Iowa that my brother and I went to for a week during the summer during elementary school. I don't remember how many years/summers he went, but I think I went 4 or 5. (Clarification might come from my mom in the comments! Was it also the very first year you signed me up that I did not want to stay? Now, as a parent myself, I appreciate how upset you were that I did not want to stay. I had been so excited about it, too, as I remember! Anyway...)

I remember loving the horseback riding and the shooting range (pellet rifles)... and, of course, the arts and crafts cabin!!! And I still remember the camp's song (We welcome you to ol' Camp Foster, mighty glad you're here! We'll raise our voices in a shout and give a mighty cheer! We'll sing you in and sing you out, we will give a mighty shout, HEY! Hail, hail, the gang's all here! Camp Foster welcomes you!) and the clap rhythm that follows the song. Chief Rising Sun (camp director) would always be carrying a Sharpie to sign a rising sun symbol on your arm or camp shirt. Good times!

There were chants and songs sung at mealtimes in the dining hall. (Orange Jell-o was my favorite meal item!) And there was a tradition to hold up the wall in the new dining room addition. (There was an old section of the building connected by a hallway to the new one. Everyone would gather in the new, larger section for more songs after meals.) When everyone left the building, the legend has it that someone had to stand up in a rectangle-shaped, framed-out section of the big wall to hold it up... or otherwise the whole building might collapse from the suction created by the leaving crowd!!! Those chosen (usually one or two individuals as that was all that could fit in the hole) seemed to me at the time to be kind of the popular, kids-about-camp kids. Everyone wanted to be chosen by Chief Rising Sun (we always begged him to tell us his real name and there were rumors about what it was) to hold up the wall. I thought I would never get to do it, but still thought it was a fun tradition to see someone stuck up there, with their hands on the top side of the hole, holding up the wall. (Not the most subtle forshadowing, eh? Oh well...)

One day, I don't remember what year it was, I got called to hold up the wall... with my brother! I thought it was the coolest thing! I was most sure that my brother was embarrassed to be holding up the wall with his sister. But I was convinced at that age that my brother was my ticket-to-cool and relished the moment! I actually remember really pushing hard to hold up that wall (camp staff members would yell encouragement to do so... otherwise the dining hall my fall in!!!) and was glad that I got to do it. Funny memory... good stuff.

Oh, those songs... Ba-oom, ba-oom, ba-bubblegum! Cowboy Bob! The Boa Constrictor Song!

Maybe next time I will tell you about the most awesome Capture the Flag game I ever took part of!!! (Oh... and if anyone knows/remembers all the words to the Cowboy Bob song, please let me know!!!)

Posted by Heidi at 9:52 AM




Hope this helps.



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