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Autor:  Márcio Farias
E-mail:  marcio_osorio@oi.com.br
Data:  25/OUT/2008 8:43 PM
Assunto:  "Lively" or "cheerful" ?

<<a guests' list would a list that belongs to all the guests or a list that is meant for all the guests.

Maybe a list that the guests get handed with do's and dont's.>>

How about a "guests' do's and dont's (handsomely and usefully gotten up) libretto/list"?

<<Like: do say hello to your anfitriant when you arrive.

          don't carry the silverware home with you.

(Did I spell anfitriant correctly?)>>

No, you didn't. You probably want the host(ess) to hand that richly embroidered, gold-plated do's and dont's libretto to guests warning them if they screw up, they'll get kicked out. Or the host(ess) will have the cops on their (far*ing) a*s.



<<I forgot the english word for lesmas.>>


See you later, Johannes.

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