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Autor:  Fabricioaugusto
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/OUT/2008 4:15 PM
Assunto:  Pronuncia do th em this, that, etc
Mensagem:  Thank you both for caring.

I meant the th sound like in "this".

The thing is that the th sound some actors pronounce is very clear and can by no means be confused with a d sound. Several teachers told me that in actuality the th is pronounced by everyone (read native speakers) like it is supposed to be. There was this time when I and a former teacher were discussing this subject and listening to some tapes. Sometimes it was clear that the th sound sounded like it is supposed to, but there were some speakers who "insisted" on doing it in a way that to my ears was in no way different than a standard "d". She insisted that it was a "th" sound, I accepted but inside my head I couldn't help but think it was that this theory of "how the th is pronounced" was shoved inside her mind because  "it is the way native speakers do it", and no matter how much a d was heard, she would alwys say it was a th.

Not saying you guys are not correct, it's just that I feel that this is more like a theory rather than "the true way it is".

Can you people come up with an idea as to settle this so I can rest in peace ? :)

I mean, something as to test whether some people do or don't use the "correct" way of pronouncing this th sound (as in this,those).

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Pronuncia do th em this, that, etc  –  Fabricioaugusto  31/OUT/2008, 12:02 AM
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 Pronuncia do th em this, that, etc  –  Fabricioaugusto  31/OUT/2008, 4:15 PM
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