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Autor:  Marcelo Maciel de Almeida
E-mail:  mmacieldealmeida@yahoo.com
Data:  09/FEV/2004 10:48 PM
Assunto:  Teaching with Songs
Mensagem:  Hi, everyone!!! I am a Language and Literature student from "Universidade Federal de Uberlândia" and I have been teaching in an English private instutue called Yes! Idiomas. I have some problems when choosing some songs to my students. When I started teaching for a teenager group, I didn't know groups related to these students, so I had some problems, because I guess my taste for music is completely different from the students. At the first class I brought a song from the Irish singer Enya. I wrote some motivation words together with the song. The song was "Only if..." I would like to know if when you are teaching songs, what are the types of exercises you develop with your students. Sometimes I find some very interesting songs in which there is a grammatical focus. But sometimes, I don't find interesting songs and I am worried about the usage of these songs. By the way, could you tell me songs that you use to teach English? I would also like to know about some dynamics I could use on the classroom. Thanks for the forum, Marcelo Maciel de Almeida

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