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Autor:  M rob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/FEV/2004 7:14 AM
Assunto:  Re: traduzindo l.f. veríssimo
Mensagem:  Hi Keyla 1) the ideas that never left the paper because of this damned mania for living in (for?) the Fall. - what is wrong here? mania FOR? I suppose my immediate reaction was the sudden introduction of the concept of The Fall –But I just read what you said - 2nd post - so I suppose it is used as a broad literary concept Mania for is fine – it’s the living ??? Living in/for/out/through – I really don’t know which preposition if any carry the meaning - 2)I sometimes wonder what makes us choose a lukewarm life, or rather, I don't wonder, I contest (challenge?/dispute?).- I used the word "contest" based on the definition bellow:"If you contest a formal statement, a claim, a judge's decision, or a legal case, you say formally that it is wrong or unfair and try to have it changed" (cambridge dictionary)... was it inappropriate to use "contest"? what word would suit better in this case? That’s fine- I threw up alternatives but clearly you’ve chosen as intended I’d note Tom’s advice on this one – it is formal legal 3)If virtue were really (in a?) compromise (??), the oceans wouldn't have waves, the days would be cloudy and the rainbow would be in tones of gray- I meant that compromising ( lowering your standards )is not a virtue ( a good moral quality )... would it still sound strange if I wrote " If virtue were really a compromise..."? Compromised? If (your/one’s/…?) virtue were really compromised ? I suppose in a com.. is fine - not 2 sure tho – if this is a trans. by you from scratch then I offer my compliments = well done – difficult concepts – there are others on the list who could fill out the scraps I’ve offered …

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thanks to everyone!!!  –  keyla  11/FEV/2004, 8:40 PM
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