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Autor:  João Barros
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/FEV/2004 12:56 PM
Assunto:  Re: doubts
Mensagem:  Olá Sandra "Ficar" (no sentido brasileiro) means "to date" in English. But it's important to understand that when "on a date" a guy and a girl won't have to necessarily kiss. Desculpe-me o vocabulário mas "se amassar" ou "malhar" em português significa "to make out" in English. For example, you could say: Yesterday I had a date with Mark but we didn't kiss. Last night I went on a date with Mark but we didn't make out. Last night after our date Mark gave me a good night kiss. Now see this, american girls don't wanna be "infamous" so they won't go around bragging about their sexual experiences, otherwise they would be known as a real "hore" in High School or College. Also in the United States a relationship type like the Brazilian relationship called namoro firme is not appropriate. Americans appreciate and deffend their freedom they hate jealousy scenes (cenas de ciúme). I have some american friends that even on a party they will still dance with different people other than their "dates" (dates aqui significa namorados). Date - namorado, namorada (não firme) Girlfriend - namorada (meio firme) Boyfriend - namorado (meio firme) Fiance/Fiancee - noiva - noivo (compromisso próximo ao casamento) Another important thing for you to know is that in the United States it's not common to see somebody "namorando" for five years and "engaged" (noivos) for another five before getting marriend. In the States people will date for six months, get engaged for 3 months and get married - thigs in America are a lot faster than in Brazil. Quanto a alisar o cabelo, I would have to ask my hair stylist (just kidding) well, that I don't know. Eu sei que aquele aparelho eletrico que se usa para alisar o cabelo é chamado de "Hair Iron" (ferro de alisar cabelo) but you'd have to ask somebody else. No, I don't go to the hair stylist, my wife gives me a hair cut. João Barros.

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