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Autor:  English.Learner
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/DEZ/2008 2:13 AM
Assunto:  Negative question


I know that “Won’t you go to Curitiba tomorrow?”  is correct, but what is the no contract form?
- Will you not go …? Sounds better for me, but I’m not sure.
- Will not you go …?

Another question is: In British English, we add ‘s to common names, in the genitive case, and in American English we don’t.
Ex. Lucas’s car. (uk)
Lucas’ car. (us)
But my doubt is: How do I pronounce both of the sentences above. Do they have the same pronunciation?

Thanks everyone for helping.

If you know it, you should use present continuous. It's sounds much better.

You are not going to Curitiba tomorrow, are you?

BTW, the pronunciation is exactly the same.

Take care.

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