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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/FEV/2004 1:11 PM
Assunto:  Lincoln's birthday
Mensagem:  Today is the anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln. It's no longer a holiday. The government has lumped several holidays into one and they now call it "President's Day" to cover Lincoln, Washington, Truman, etc....all of the past presidents. Here's a story about Lincoln's day about fifty years ago: It must have been 1953 or 1954 and in those days every school kid knew the birth dates of Presidents Lincoln and Washington. The nation celebrated those days with a federal holiday. Lincoln's birthday was a lot of fun because so many merchants usually had a very well advertised deal selling something big for a Lincoln head penny; on Washington's the deal was for a dollar. Car dealers would put some cars up for sale and people would camp out on the sidewalk to be the first, second, third or whatever customer to cross the line onto the car lot the morning of the sale. First person into Sears always got something like a washer/dryer combination for a penny. Woolworth's always had something for a penny (back then cheap things were made in Japan....China hadn't been invented yet.) Great advertising gimmicks. However, this year the city was closed down. We didn't go shopping. At the time I lived at Camp Kilmer in New Brunswick, NJ (residente no quartel onde meu pai servia no exercito). The year that I'm writing about stands out because we were cheated by Mother Nature. That's right. It snowed. It snowed enough to close down the roads. The radio announced the closing of industry, roads, bridges, etc. The storm was heavy, wet snow blown into high drifts. But we were supposed to get a day off for Lincoln, not for some snow storm! What were the chances of getting a second day off? You know, one for snow and later on a "rain day makeup" holiday for Lincoln? No way. The powers that be didn't see it our way. So, we hung around the housing area. We kept the coal fires in the furnaces fed/stoked so the apartments would be warm and to guarantee hot water (going into the furnace room also was a chance to warm up). We got soaking wet and had to go change clothes more than once that day. There were snowball fights with the "enemy kids" who rode the other school buses. Snowmen appeared along the roads. All in all, it was a grand day. But that feeling lingered..it wasn't supposed to be a snow day. We were loosing a day off because of some bureaucratic decision! We was robbed!! Just reminiscing, Tom

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 Lincoln's birthday  –  Tom  12/FEV/2004, 1:11 PM

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